Staying Safe and Secure​

Tools such as Zoom and Teams are now used regularly to stay connected with students and colleagues. The guidelines below will help keep your video meetings productive and secure.​​

Can I use Zoom or Teams for video meetings and calls?​

Yes. Zoom can be used for the types of meetings which happen day-to-day across the University unless you are prohibited from doing so as part of a data-sharing agreement.​

Is it safe to discuss confidential information over Zoom or Teams?​

Both Zoom and teams can be used to discuss confidential information provided University guidelines are adhered and unless you are prohibited from doing so as part of a data-sharing agreement.  We do however strongly recommend that your meetings are scheduled using maximum security settings including:-​

    • Using a unique meeting ID and passcode if using Zoom​
    • Setting the calendar event to private if scheduling the meeting using Outlook​
    • Securing the meeting to NU colleagues only (if appropriate)​
    • Ensuring that you’ve sent any calendar invites to the right participants
    • Send the meeting password separately to the main meeting invitation​
    • Not sharing any of the meeting details publicly via social media
    • Monitoring participant attendance throughout the meeting​
    • Locking the meeting in Zoom once in progress to avoid any uninvited guests accidentally attending​​ 

How is my data protected?

Detailed information on how Zoom protect your data, what security certifications they have and how they ensure user privacy can be found on their Privacy and Security web pages

Similar information for Microsoft Teams can be found on their Security and Compliance web pages.

Further Support​