You can either pre-schedule recordings in advance or start them once a meeting has started.  

​Recording your Zoom meeting​

By default, Zoom meetings will be recorded to the cloud.  To change this you will need to update the configuration in your Zoom Profile (see below).​

    • To pre-schedule a recording open Advanced Options in the Zoom app and check the Automatically record meeting in the cloud box​
    • To start a recording during a meeting click the Record button on the Zoom toolbar​

Note that zoom meetings recorded to the cloud are automatically deleted after 30 days.  Due to finite storage we are unable to extend this period however you can easily download your recordings and store/share them via other systems such as ReCap​.

Configuring Zoom to record to your local device​

    • Log into your Zoom profile at
    • From within your Personal Profile select Settings and then Recording. This will present you with all settings to enable you to customise the recording experience within Zoom​
    • Follow the instructions above for cloud recording but you will notice the ability to record your meeting locally​

Note that by default, local recordings will be stored on your H:/ drive if you have a University laptop. To change this, you will need to edit your profile settings from within the Zoom app.​ 

Further support

We have provided a range of useful resources to assist and support colleagues.