Changes to the Zoom sign-in process

Single Sign On (SSO) is our recommended method for signing in to your Newcastle University Zoom profile. This allows you to sign in using your standard University login details, helps us to effectively manage our Zoom estate and ensures that we are providing as secure an environment for you as possible.

In the future we will be making changes that may affect how you sign into your Newcastle University Zoom profile.  These changes will require all staff and students to use SSO to access their Newcastle University Zoom profile. 

What does that mean for me?

For those that currently sign in to Zoom using the SSO option nothing will change at all!

For many it will mean signing in to your NU Zoom profile using a slightly different, but easier, method.

For a small number of users it will require you to create a new Zoom profile, and for us to help you transfer your scheduled meetings and cloud recordings across from your old Zoom profile to the new one.

How do I check if I'm already signed in using SSO?

Firstly, sign in to your Zoom web profile. 

If you use the Zoom desktop app (which we recommend), open the Zoom app, click on your profile icon and select My Profile. Your Zoom profile will then open in a web browser (see image below) 

If you have accessed your profile directly via a web browser, select Profile and then scroll down to the Sign In section and Linked Accounts (see image below).
If the words Single Sign-On appear anywhere here then you are using SSO and don’t need to do anything else!

If it ONLY says Work email, then you are not using SSO. 

It appears I'm not signed in using SSO, what do I need to do?

Sign out of both your Zoom desktop app and web profile and then follow these instructions to sign in again!  This will create your new SSO Zoom profile.

When signed in to your new Zoom profile you won't see all your expected scheduled Zoom meetings and cloud recordings but don’t worry, we will be able to retrieve them from your non-SSO Zoom profile* and merge them over to your new SSO account.  Please complete and submit the form below.

* Be aware that we cannot transfer any meetings previously scheduled using your PMI (Personal Meeting ID), we do not recommend using this method when scheduling any Zoom meetings.